ASMO Greenville of North Carolina, Inc.




To prepare and maintain automated equipment so team members are able to produce 100% quality parts with a minimum amount of down time and waste in compliance with the Quality Policy.  (2nd & 3rd shift opportunities available)



Must understand and follow the operator instructions on all machines in the area be able to train new associates on these instructions.

  • Ensure AS are working safely and wearing PPE.
  • Perform machine and quality checks as outlined in the operator instructions.
  • Set-up,  change over and operate machines as required including.
  • Troubleshoot, repair and perform preventative maintenance on the machines.
  • Collect data for daily charts.
  • Maintain 5’S Standards.
  • Maintain good communication with team members. Conduct daily chorei meetings at start of each shift.
  • Position associates in the area and maintains production requirements.
  • Inform to T/L abnormal conditions.
  • Conduct kaizen activities routinely to reduce cost, improve quality, and improve safety.
  • Train new AS on all above listed responsibilities as needed.



Requires involvement with related internal departments in order to maintain production targets.

  • Requires shift work and overtime.
  • Requires teamwork, employee involvement, and compliance with ISO/TS 16949, ISO14001 standards.
  • Requires working with hazardous chemicals.
  • Indirectly supervises associates with the direction of the team leader.



Requires constant standing and moving 8 – 12 hours per day.

  • Must be able to constantly lift and carry up to 35 lbs.
  • Must be able to bend, stoop, squat and kneel.
  • Must be able to push & pull up to 15 lbs.
  • Must be able to reach over head.
  • Must be able to effectively communicate process/product problems.
  • Must be able to read and demonstrate an understanding of the operator instructions.
  • Must be able to write as demonstrated through the completion of the employment application.
  • Must have minimum of six months experience in the respective section of focus area or similar work experience.
  • Must have the ability to work on all immediate processes in your current area and be able to demonstrate.
  • Must be able to demonstrate setup and maintain the work in every process of your current area.
  • Must be able to demonstrate practical knowledge of employee handbook and be familiar with company structure and philosophy.



Understand your job responsibilities to perform, monitor and control the process as it affects Quality and Environmental Impacts.

  • Follow all procedures and work instructions pertaining to your assignment and make recommendations to improve the process, as well as enhancements to the Environmental Management System.
  • Notify Management immediately when problems or non-conformances are detected.
  • Appropriately record problem or non-conformance to ensure corrective action and preventative measures are taken.
  • Assist in the problem solving process, corrective action and prevention activities.
  •  Contain or stop the process as necessary to prevent non-conforming material from contaminating good material or negatively impacting the environment.

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